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Am I the Candle Flame
flickering with the assault of wind?
Or Am I the gust of wind
that in its path teases the candle flame?

Can you see me in the steps
that lead up to the home of Lord?
Or do I exist in the feet,
that tread their way up to divinity?

Can I be felt in the song
that wanders around the tall trees?
Or Am I the lonely lass
who meanders singing songs of love?

Am I the abundant nectar,
that finds its way into a butterfly's mouth?
Or am I the pretty insect,
That sighs in ecstacy with the sweet sip?

Do I travel with the light,
from the lamp of the fast moving train?
Or am I the black darkness,
chased by the train on its nightly tour?

Who am I?
Am I the one whose pen,
has overflown with these words?
Or Am I the one whose eyes
devour each word as they move from top to bottom?


  1. Good one. welcome to the bloging world.

    I didn't like the name of your blog , the name part :), probably in my personal opinion a identity w/o your usual name will be more appealing

  2. You should allow anonymous blogging. Look at all the options in your blog settings.
    1. Am I a candle who was left outside the house for the wind to vanquish?
    2. Am I the lion teasing a poor prey before pouncing?
    3. Am I the nectar that a poor bee took, which was eventually collected as honey?
    4. Am I the vulture, universally disliked, but the most useful bird?
    5. Am I the light that, however much I try, cannot break the speed of light?
    6. Who am I? Why am I me? How is the level of consciousness defined, such that I am one person, and not another?
    7. What happens at the end of the universe? Is there something after that?

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