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Does this image make you uncomfortable?

There's a reason why I started writing this blog at 4am in the morning. I was woken up by the deep philosophies Vijay sometimes mumbles in his sleep. And then I made the mistake of picking up my phone and checking email. I had submitted the following Haiku for critique on one of the forums: dying embers... the kohl beneath his eyes unsmudged The poem elicited starkly contrasting opinions. While some were offended that I chose to use "unsmudged", instead of "not smudged", other objections were far more existential. I will get to those objections in a second, but let me dwell on "unsmudged" for a minute. According to many traditional dictionaries, "unsmudged" is not a word at all, and even as I am writing this post, blogger is diligently putting red squiggly lines underneath "unsmudged". Blogger too is trying to bring this poem in line with traditional language, so why should biased, opinionated human beings be any different? But &quo
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Actor Sukumar Tudu in SonyLiv's Jengaburu Curse || A Versatile and Talented NSD Alumni

Lately, we have started spending less and less time on OTT because of several other occupations. But then along came a series by the name of 'Jengaburu Curse' and it was starring none other than Sukumar Tudu, an actor whose journey we are immensely interested in. So we watched the entire series in one go.  Sukumar Tudu as Dulari Yadav in Maharani 2

"kohl" Haiku 48 of 365 - 3rd August 2022

dying embers... the kohl beneath his eyes unsmudged

"redolent puddle" Haiku 47 of 365 - 2nd August 2022

drizzle of parijat... the      lone          walker          skirts     the puddle

"chalk outline" Haiku 46 of 365 - 1st August 2022

spatter of shattered hopes chalk outline of empty dreams... life crashed here

"gravity" Haiku 45 of 365 - 31st July 2022

gravity— promising great forevers, Earth broke away from the Moon

"Indian Summer" Haiku 44 of 365 - 30th July 2022

Indian Summer— shimmering heat from metal blurring the world