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Nature paints new pictures everyday. Each different, and each beautiful. I have the priviledge to be able to view sunrise from my balcony though the sunset is hidden behind high rise buildings. Each sunrise is unique and reminds you how lucky you are. The color of the sky changes as often as life changes its course. Yesterday, I saw flocks of small birds diving around in the sky, today it was eagles who were circling the orange sky.

When the sun appears above the horizon, its crimson sphere is reflected in the apartment windows across the road and at times you have to stop and wonder whether you are actually witnessing this haunting exchange or is it a dream. The fumes of a high flying jet approaching the sun are glowing red and discernible from a great distance. Slowly the last star is extinguished and the entire sky turns bluish White.

Half-an-hour after the sun rise, if you look at the sun, you will never be able to believe that this is the same forbidding monster that was so gentle to your eyes a few minutes back. The sky looks white and all the colors vanish only to return in the opposite direction in the evening.

People say that it is bad luck to look at the sun set. But I beg to differ. Only lucky people get to view a site so beautiful. As the sun goes for a dip beneath the horizon, the stars that had been extinguished by the morning light again and start sparkling.

The beautiful painting of yesterday is wiped clean only to make the canvas ready for the next day.


  1. beautiful writing by you dear:-).

  2. I have been waking up late but guess there are more reasons to be up. I know it would look same/similar from my balcony (we must be about 1000 feet apart at max).

    Also noticed that you got so regular on writing. Dont let it extinguish and keep writing with every rising sun.


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