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In Search of my Purpose

For the past few months, I have been pondering upon the purpose of my existence on this earth. Everyone has a purpose or, as Po Bronson says in his book "What should I do with my life?", a calling. In fact, it is this book which has helped me to get motivated enough to attempt seeking my calling.

Anyways, Po Bronson's book talks about many who have faced the same dilemna that I am facing and have successfully found answers to this. One important step towards figuring your purpose out is to figure out what you really feel about. So as a first step I will try to figure out things that I care about.

Hmm, so here it is:
1) I definitely feel angry when I see any kind of a bias - Race, Gender, Caste, Color.
2) I feel angry when people litter or talk thanklessly about trees, rivers, animals, and nature in general
3) I feel angry when someone tries to impose their views on someone else through force and violence
4) I feel sad when I hear about people cheating others
5) I like studying about the weather
6) I like writing
7) I like sketching

Out of this list, I feel most passionately about Gender bias and destruction of nature.

The second step would be to figure out what I can do about these two passions and how I can make a difference to the society. Now this will require some research and therefore will be in another blog post.

Au Revoir for now.


  1. Well, i also feel the same way sometimes.The book looks like a good and motivational read...keep up the good work of writing about your b'ful and motivational thoughts. It's a great inspiration to read your work:-).


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