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Indians are not Racists - and lets prove it.

Well, I have never seen cricket as dirty as in the current India vs. Australia cricket series. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. Wrong decisions, tiffs, arguments, and the worse of them all, a ban on Harbhajan Singh who has been accused of Racial abuse against Andrew Symonds.

News channels are going crazy about this and all over the net there are angry comments for and against both the teams. If Australian team is making the racial discrimination story up to wrongly implicate Harbhajan, it is a dirty trick to play. But at the same time, if Harbhajan (which I doubt) did hurl racial abuse at Symonds, that is wrong too.

To people who advocate racial behaviour against Symonds just because there is an attitude problem in the Australian team members, I would like to say that this is not acceptable. Any kind of a discrimination against anyone is not acceptable. Especially we, Indians, should not become a part of this dirty, regressive behaviour because we have long been on the receiving end of racism and know exactly how it feels.

I think Indians should fight and not bear any discrimination against them. They should definitely not keep quiet at this point, but at least fellow Indian bloggers should refrain from indulging in Racism on net because even when India is progressing well and will soon be leading the world, we don't want to become a recist developed nation who has arrogant citizens. Indians are kind-hearted and we should stay that way. We should show the world how a super-power should behave.