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Men, when will you get used to women around you?

I was shocked by the horrifying molestation of two women by a mob on the New Year's Eve. But the report published in HT today about a survey they conducted in Metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Kokatta, Bangalore and Chandigarh, is all the more shocking. Have a look at it and please tell me that you were not one of those 500 men they questioned:

Indian males rear their ugly heads

What will it take to make these men look at females without passing any judgements about their characters? If a girl is having fun in a bar, who are you to decide whether she is a one-night stand material or a woman you want to marry and keep hidden inside your homes. She has not asked you to judge her. Guys, please accept that it is her life and only she has the right to choose how she wants to lead it. Yes, females have lives of their own too.

To start from the basics, guys please bear in mind the following things:
1) Women are human beings.
2) They breathe, think, feel, and live like you do.
3) Not being "homely" is not necessarily bad for a woman.
4) Women cannot be customized according to your fantasies of a "homely" girl just like you cannot be customized to be smart and modern if you are not.
5) Women can do tasks beyond the house-hold chores
6) Women have a right to let their hair down and you are no one to decide how they should do it or how they shouldn't.
7) The least you can do is to maintain a distance from her if you respect the fact that she is enjoying her life just like you are.
8) If a woman talks to you in a bar, there are many chances that she too is looking only for a "one-night stand". The choice is not only yours, it may be hers too.
9) Modern women don't like men with double standards. They may choose to be home makers but that again is their choice. Just because they wish to stay at home and think that they can do a better job making it, don't carry a superiority complex around you about the fact that you are the bread winners and don't think that it is their "place". Respect them for the comfort they bring to your homes.
10) Grow up and get used to women.


  1. I completely agree with what you have said and liked the way you have penned down your views about the need of men getting some education about how to treat women right...just love the way you write!

  2. This is a nice post. if you follow the comments at this particular post,
    you will realize that a lot of men think exactly the way that they should not, and even try to justify their behaviour.


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