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Public Mis-awareness Campaign

A recent ad on TV, which claims to be a public awareness campaign, shows a self-important 10-year old telling his family about his scores in various subjects. The conversation goes on like this:

Family: "Maths?"
10 yr old with mock disappointment: "93"

Family: "Science?"
10 yr old with mock-er disappointment: "96"

Family: "And what about Rahul?"
10 yr old with a wide grin and thumbs-down: "0"

Family: "Why?"
10 yr old with absolute delight: "Chicken Pox. He didn't come to the school at all."

Family smiles nastily as if Rahul has acted foolish by contracting chicken pox.

And all this in the name of a "public awareness campaign" for a Chicken Pox vaccine. I would request the great people behind this ad to spare us their concern for our well-being. Some other child falling sick should raise nothing else but compassion in everyone. But these amazingly conceited people make completely innocent kids act mean and selfish and derive happiness out of others' sufferings on screen. This message is then telecast to millions of impressionable minds.

World is mean and materialistic enough. We definitely don't need such blatant pokes on our subconscious to make it worse. I wonder what kind of human beings wrote the script of this irresponsible ad and who approved it. People with such sadistic approach to life should not be on such important positions.

Thanks, but no thanks. We are better unaware than being aware like this. Less of us are likely to die of chicken pox than of meanness and unkindness in the next year.


  1. Amazingly subtle observation...hats off to you ma'am...these indeed are the things that carry out silent brainwashing in young minds.


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