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Rose Bud

Morbid Warning: If you don't like to read about death, I would advise you not to proceed. The writing is, however, the least I could do for a cousin to whom justice was denied even after she died.

No one knows who killed her. The only thing that is known for certain is that she had last been seen with a school friend at the market. The school friend accepts that she was with her but did not know where she went after the market.

No one knows how she was killed. However, she was found with a wound on her head next to the railway tracks where the high speed Shatabdi Express runs. Some say that she was drawn in by a passing train. But her wounds were too few for this kind of a ghastly accident.

No one knows how she died. Whether it was because of excessive bleeding from the wound on her head or some internal injury invisble to the entire world? All that is known is that she died in the hospital with her hand on her wounded head so that her bandage as well as her right hand were colored blood red when the corpse was claimed by the family.

No one knows whether it was an acquaintance or some stranger who did this. However, there are some reports that the hapless family received threats that had something to do with their second daughter in case they let the corpse be postmortemed.

No one knows whether she could have been saved. However, people do claim that they had seen her lying wounded since the evening. She was apparently unconscious as no one heard her murmer for help.

No one knows how she died. And no one cares any more. The only thing known for a fact is that a hundred sighs of relief arose from the town as soon as her pyre caught fire.


  1. What a scary story. Seems very strange that no further action was taken !


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