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Safety - A right denied to Women

Ok, alright, A Happy New Year to all. But I really hope that the New Year teaches a really good lesson to those hooligans who took upon themselves the task of ensuring that atleast two girls in Mumbai never feel secure again in their lives. On New Year's Eve, these 2 girls stepped out to celebrate the occassion but fell prey to a perverted mob of men who molested and humiliated them.

If you want to be shocked, click on the following link:
Mob molests 2 Women on New Year's Eve

These girls had as much right to be out on road on the New Years Eve as the monsters who molested them. Who gave these men the assurance that they could get away with such a lecherouos and criminal behavior? A little drink and holiday spirit brought out the demons inside these men and bared them for all to see. The girls were ultimately saved by the police but I am sure that nothing can heal the scars on their psyches.

The thought that these men will now go back to their offices amongst female colleagues, or back to their colleges with female classmates, or even back to their families with female members is scary. If these men can behave like this in public, I shudder to think what they can do behind closed doors. No one is safe in their presence.