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Sanyasini - My interpretation


Here is a small sketch that I made some time back. To be frank, this sage was not intended to look like this. Atleast not her expressions. But it is her expressions that I find most enigmatic. The lady is clearly a sage, a glamorous one though, but her eyes don't suit her face. In fact, I was about to erase them and draw them again but then I guess the general aura that these eyes are giving this plain sketch made me change my mind.

To me the eyes don't seem like those of a sage (sanyasini or fakiran). They are seductive and convey a desire that a sage is not supposed to have. In fact would be considered sinful. She seems to be inviting or rather challenging onlookers to try to break the eye contact. She looks coy and carries the airs of Scarlett O' Hara in Margaret Mitchel's novel "Gone with the Wind". She looks like the one who by raising her little finger can make men fall all around her. But then this personality does not seem proper for a sage, does it?

But I guess this is a reality in itself. As a sage, she is unattainable and as a seductress, she is irresistable. Almost like the desires in our life that are unattainable but keep haunting us forever and dodging us when we try to reach out for them.