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Taare Zameen Par

which means "Stars on the earth" is a movie about a 9 year old boy, Ishaan, who suffers from dyslexia, which his parents and teachers fail to understand. As a result he undergoes physical and verbal abuse when he fails to pass his exams or fails to interact well with the children of his age. His family removes him from his school and packs him off to a boarding school so that he can be disciplined and get rid of his "attitude problem".

Being separated from his family, breaks Ishaan's spirits and he stops painting, at which he is really good. A temporary arts teacher is pained by Ishan's silence and tries to find out the cause of his depression. He reads his notebooks and identifies Ishaan's condition as dyslexia which had also affected him in his childhood.

After this, he visits Ishaan's family and tries to make them understand that their child needs emotional support. At first the father is defensive but later realizes the truth. By this time, with the help of the arts teacher, Ishaan improves his reading and writing skills and also starts painting again. When Ishaan wins an art competition in the school, his brilliance and intelligence is finally revealed to the world.

The movie is beautiful and a must watch especially for parents and teachers. Even for the rest of us, such movies make us see the light. The subtle taunts on the parents of the dyslexic child who is always expected to follow the footsteps of his brilliant elder brother are successful in touching the audience. I guess atleast 25% of the people who were watching the movie, came out as better people.

A job well done Aamir Khan.


  1. am certainly going to watch this movie...looks inspiring:).


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