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Religion - To Each Their Own

I am a Hindu. That goes to say that I follow Hinduism. I have friends who are Sikhs, Muslims or Christians. While there are some common beliefs in all religions, every one essentially follows a religion of their own. Religion cannot be imposed, it can only be felt and faith makes you a follower.

According to your up-bringing, your personality, your values, you choose to accept few things and discard few things that the religion teaches. In Hinduism, I admire the in-built spirituality, the flexibility, the openness and the practicality, especially as defined in Geeta. But I shun practices that pollute air, environment, water etc. Many rivers, such as Yamuna and Ganga, suffer because of these practices. On every bridge across Yamuna in Delhi, Government has built huge net boundaries to prevent people from throwing offerings into the river. But the energetic Hindus religiously hurl flowers, polybags into the Holy River. It is sad to say the least.

I consider myself a worshipper of the supreme power who resides in each and every aspect of nature. I revel in green post-monsoon Himalayas, I admire vast, uncommercialized beaches, and I long to see the desert. This is where I see my God. In everything that has a power to give without vanity. This is my religion. My personalized Hinduism.


  1. I read this entry twice coz I liked it very much. You have a b'ful sense of what religion should be. Ofcourse, people have their own religions and customs. But it should bring us all together rather than dividing us and try to shun practices which are not good for us as human beings and the enviornment we live in...cheers:-)


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