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Awards - Most Modern Person of March 2008

Who is modern? Being Modern, what does it truly mean? To me it means someone who can defy the world and stick to their principles and can view the world without a bias. Bravery, Self-respect, and Non-judgemental attitude are a few attributes that are essential aspects of a modern human being.

On this blog, I am making a very humble attempt to recognize these undefeatable, courageous forces of humanity that are contributing towards making this world a better place. I am starting out with "The Most Modern Person" award and intend to recognize a new person every month. This may later branch out towards the "Most Modern Woman" and "Most Modern Man" categories if we get enough contenders (the more, the better).

The award for the most modern person of March 2008 goes to Salim. For more information, please refer: Man agrees to buy wife to save her from flesh trade

Some people have expressed that he has sacrificed a lot by accepting a wife who had become a prostitute. I don't agree. You are bound to regret a sacrifice some time in your life. This is not sacrifice. This is a proof of Salim's pure, brave heart that gave him the courage to accept the fact that his wife is suffering for no fault of her own. His care and concern for her prompted him to risk his life and rescue her. By calling this a sacrifice, we are insulting the goodness of his heart and the strength of the love between him and his wife.

Salut to Salim for listening to his heart and following it. He is now one step above the rest of us in humanity.


  1. I read about the story before. Very brave.

    The qualities which you mentioned and then associated with 'modern' are probably the qualities which must be relevant in all times. While I am really happy behind your thought of recognizing the special people who exemplify these qualities by their actions, I am not sure on the usage of 'Modern' word.

    Somehow 'Modern' would have some connotation of its association with current or future time.

    Agree ?

  2. I had read the story in the newpaper, and it seemed a very poignant story; at the same time, it showed the quality of the human spirit in full flow in terms of the commitment in relations.
    Good post.

  3. Brave Post Vibha.

    Yes, "Brave" because such topics are rarely discussed by anyone in this country. Even if they are told in media, they are sensationalize and made cheap. Illegal/Legal immigrants from this country are getting trapped by touts in bad things outside specially Gulf countries (where there are no human rights, pseudo-democracy, no women rights etc...) but our policy makers are sleeping over it and fighting for water from one state to another.

    I would partially agree with Nandan about "Modern" thing - people have done such things in past as well. And these qualities have been relevant and displayed all the times. But yes, to do something like this in current times is surely remarkable. We are all actually quite afraid now - not as brave as our ancestors were. This is because we have been weak in our philosophies and ideologies. To go to a foriegn country with just five thousand bucks in your pocket and take a well organized mafia head-on is indeed brave.

  4. Nandan and Akshaya, Your thoughts are appreciated. But being modern in all ages involves being courageous. If you are not courageous, you cannot be modern. Respecting yourself makes sure that you will never compromise in situations that go against your principles and being non-judgemental will ensure that you will be open minded towards other people even if they do not live life in a way that you think may be right.
    While there can be some more characteristics of modern people, I feel that these basic traits of their nature keep them going.

    What do you say?

  5. Modern is to do with time. It has nothing to do with being brave or any other such thing.

    Each age has its own set of philosophies, trends, values, thoghts blabla. Someone pertaining to those can be termed modern. for example, someone using internet even at the age of 50 can be termed modern because internet is a 'Recent Time' thing.

    Also, if I read Akshaya's comment then probably he is more ancient in thinking (since he is very brave) then being modern (which is more like being afraid or being practical).

    So my only problem is with the word 'modern' :) and nothing else.

    Here's a definition from dictionary .com "of or pertaining to present and recent time; not ancient or remote: modern city life.
    2. characteristic of present and recent time; contemporary; not antiquated or obsolete: modern viewpoints."


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