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Moving On

Deep inside,
there's a knot
that doesn't dissolve.

A pain that refuses
to be revealed,
to flow out.

A few tears
that linger
and sting my eyes.

A little worry,
that shouldn't be
as now your pain
isn't mine at all.

A little sorrow
for the wrong step
that led us here.

But life goes on,
and I will too
till your memory
doesn't hurt
and you are nothing
but a speck of dust
to an eagle
soaring high above.


  1. B'ful poem dear:). It touched my heart. I can understand the pain...may god shower you with his choicest blessings.

  2. move ahead. There was this thing which I read somewhere. I dont remember exactly but here is the gist of that.

    "God has made you a human as some sort of punishment since you can feel pain/sorrw/whatever......

    You can reply to him by 'living well'."

    I might be goofing up here, can explain in spoken-words better.

    Move ahead and live well.

  3. Attagirl! Bravo ... I am sure the pain will go, since you are positive about the whole thing!

  4. Very touching..
    I can understand the pain but life stops for no one... There are lots of good things in life ahead. You must move on..


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