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Phrases that I coined (contd...)

The biggest indication of lack of faith is when you start being prepared for disappointment...
If you expect to fail in the end, can you put in your best effort? If you try to play safe to prevent disappointment in case something doesn’t work, do you think you can give 100% to the cause? And if you don’t give in your best, don’t you think that you have lesser chances of succeeding?

Battles are fought and won only when you have complete faith in the cause. Either you want to win or you don’t. If you want to win then believe that you will win. Otherwise give up right now and move on to something you really believe in…


  1. Amazingly inspiring and yet true!!!
    What i really like about your writings is the ease with which you pen down the most complex philosophies in min required words.
    Simple and effective!

  2. Very true Vibha...You have jotted one more reality of life...

  3. Thanks Garima and Vaishali... Life does inspire...

  4. Agree to you in some sense but
    sometimes (rather than quit) it's good that you give your 100% even though you yourself aspire to lose.

    Am I making sense? I think not:)
    Good Stuff!!!

  5. Yes you are making perfect sense Ankur...I understand what you are trying to say....but u still fight the battle to win it for someone else even if you know that as a result of this battle, you will be the one to lose everything....


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