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Phrases that I coined

1) Only when you apply brakes do you realize your speed...
Thought of this while driving on the DND flyway in Delhi. I was travelling at about 80 km/hr (which is the maximum speed limit). I think it is very true for life as well. This is why we feel lost when there are commas in life. It is really hard to get up and get going again...

2) As soon as you cease to value what you have, you lose everything!
There are times in our lives when all of us feel lonely and lost and that life is not worth the effort. When I thought about this and looked around, I realized that we feel this way when we stop valuing those who value us. This happens when we yearn for things that we do not have and in the process ignore everything that we have. So it feels like we do not have anything...


  1. If I look at you, and I look around, I don't see too many people who have made it as valuable despite..

    Take , those around you, to a coffee break :) and next time you are on DND, try hitting 100 , just for the thrill of it.


  2. Thanks Nandan....100 is the speed we drive at when there is no threat of the Speed Police....:-)


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