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Sunset at San Francisco

I love sunsets and find them beautiful.

Here is a picture from San Francisco shot with my Nikon D90.The hill in the background is home to Alcatraz.


  1. Very nice photo.

    I guess I was there when you shot this but I do not remember seeing as many colors.

    SFO is more beautiful in pictures. good trip.

  2. @Nandan
    With so much of activity at Pier 39, the sunset was hidden in the corner. That is why the colors were not noticable. However, all other distractions have been cropped out of this picture that is why the colors appear so intense.

  3. Nice picture Vibha :-)

    I remember my chocolate behind the quiz of this photo is still pending :p

  4. Nice picture, Vibha. The color has come out well.
    Sunsets & sunrises are my favourite too.

  5. Thanks Nisha. This is a beautiful place too.


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