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Imagine a world where you cannot scold your children. Or a world where your other half hurts you but you dare not retaliate. Forget about having an argument, imagine a place where you cannot even 'not talk' to your friend because she or he did something to hurt you. Imagine a world where we are too scared to express our anger, disappointment, or hurt to people we love. World will be a strange place if all of us need to be so petrified.

Will we like to live in such a place? Or do we want to be in such relations? 

It will get terribly lonely place if this happens. And this is where we are headed. Children today are so fragile that if their girlfriend's father scolds them, they will go consume poison. If their teacher slaps them, they will hang themselves. Also consider grownups, if their boyfriend/girlfriend decides to separate ways, they will go and jump outside the window. 

Have we lost the power to think? If not, then before doing the ultimate, why can't we spare one moment for those who love us? Those, who may be angry with us or temporarily not understand us, will still be devastated when we are gone. Those, who will never be able to recover.

"They deserved it!!" You may tell yourself. 

But isn't that the most selfish stand to take? Will it really give you pleasure to see them suffer? And if it will, then please take a moment and consider what kind of a person likes to inflict irrevocable damage on his/her loved ones. Definitely not a good one.

Do we really want to snatch away our parents' right to scold us? Or do we really want to make our beloved boyfriend so scared that he cannot even be annoyed when we are insensitive? Put yourself in their shoes and imagine. Do you want to be so scared of your relationships?