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Our Waste Bin Woes!!

The first day we put our garbage out, our garbage bin was taken away...perhaps by the council or probably some neighbour who liked the way it looked. Here is a short poem dedicated to the bin:


Oh! Our dear bin,
where hast thou gone?
Your green splendour!
Oh yes, we miss you
a lot!

We remember well
the last time we set
our eyes on you!
We took out our garbage,
all our dirty secrets,
and stowed them deep
into you!

Then we dragged you out
through the slippery floor
of our backyard.
We remember the sound
your wheels made
as they squelched through
the moist moss.

But now, as we step out!
Outside the yard! We search
for you dear friend.
But you are all but gone.
Did someone steal you?
or did the council take you away?
For us, they are both the same,
as we cannot see you anywhere!

Oh our dear green bin,
How much we miss your charm!
Now that your green spelndour
no longer dots our backyard!

We promise to take more care,
and to watch out for you
as we would our best friend
or our soulmate too!
We fold our hands and pray
to the lord. Oh Lord!
please show us a miracle and
make our dear friend appear
back into our back yard!


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