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Shopper Stop Woes

I had planned a nice surprize for my sister and brother-in-law for their anniversary that is on the 23rd of November. It was a big mistake using Shopper's Stop for it though. I had placed an order for Shopper's Stop gift vouchers to be couriered to them and because Shopper's Stop's stupid website does not allow me to specify a date when the gift should be delivered, I left a standing instruction for them to ship it a couple of days before the 23rd. They responded graciously that they would do the needful.

However, they went ahead and did excatly the opposite. They shipped the order right away and, as a result, my sister and jeeju have received the vouchers full 10 days before their anniversary with a personalized message from me that sounds pretty foolish because of the fact that it was delivered earlier than it was supposed to be delivered.

I have just sent a scathing email to Shopper's Stop and have vowed never to use their service ever again.

Spoil Sports!!


  1. It did prove to be a surprise anyway, so the purpose was served, was it not. Knowing you, the Shoppers Stop enterprise is probably closing down this instant and filing for bankruptcy. ;-)

  2. Heh heh...They did write back and apologise. They are investigating how this happened. I will update the post if I hear back about this from them...


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