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The bag full of stones
gets heavier by the minute.
Should I keep it down?
I wonder. Is there time?

For A little rest? A little nap?
Or for even a short wink?
No, I wave these lazy thoughts,
away. Far Away!

Treading the rugged path,
I must keep going, I must move on.
This is the way it works,
The force that pushes the earth.

"But my feet hurt!",
a small voice, petulant, weary,
makes itself heard
from deep inside my tired heart.

"Let them hurt, let them bleed",
And I Pull out the thorn
that has broken the skin
"Does it hurt now?" The blood dries.

Won't a little bit of sun,
shine down upon my brow,
and break the shiny little beads,
strung by dancing drops of rain?

No matter if it does not,
It will always be this way.
Just like yesterday, just like today,
just like tomorrow.

I can never stop,
and neither can you!
for we are together in this.
Eternal travellers!