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In the crowded streets

We were roaming together hand-in-hand in the busy streets of karol Bagh. It was what you always did. You never let go of my hand when we were together. It was a sunny day in winters and the place was over-crowded as ever. After finishing the shopping, we had a quick lunch at a roadside restaurant and we started walking towards the auto stand.

All of a sudden the street seemed to become even more crowded. Everyone was franctically moving towards a bus that had just stopped ten meters before the bus stand. I felt the grip of your hand loosening and suddenly we were no longer holding hands. I couldn't see where you had gone. I panicked. And started looking for you everywhere. I am sure you were also looking for me. As suddenly as it had appeared, the crowd thinned and both of us saw each other at the same moment.

You ran to me and took my hand in your hand again--the grip firmer than it was before. You looked into my eyes and said "Sorry." I relaxed and knew you meant it. The look in your eyes told me that you will never let me get lost in the crowd again.