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Places to see before I die

Inspired by Kelsey Malia Chapp's post, I decided to put down the list of places I have to see in my lifetime. I have been talking about these pretty much all the time but probably writing them down will make the dream more substantial. So here goes:

1) New Zealand

I know it is beautiful and I know that you not only have to see it but also experience it. So I would like to spend a year of my life there walking, trekking, hiking and just breathing in the New Zealand air. Perhaps soon. Keeping my fingers crossed. :)

2) Iceland

Another place I would love to go once. A short vacations (2 weeks) would perhaps do. There are two reasons I want to go to Iceland. The most important one is the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Watch this video to see the amazing natural phenomenon:

and the other reason is this article by Vir Sanghvi.

3) The Grand Canyon, US

And when I get there, I want to walk on this skywalk:

4) Alaska, US

Need I say more? I looked at the world map the other day and was shocked to find that Alaska is almost a swimmable distance away from Russia. Wow and I used to think that if Russia and US bomb each other, the missiles will need to fly over Europe. I still find is tough to accept that the world is not flat. Guess they should use globes more often than maps in schools.

Anyways, back to the place. It was featured in the movie "The Proposal" which I watched recently so my fascination with Alaska is fairly new.

5) North-East India (Particularly Shillong in Meghalaya)

I have heard about this from so many friends that I am dying to go there. Being in India, this should perhaps be the easiest to do.

I am glad I have put this down. It'll help me stay focussed :)


  1. Newzealand. Hmm. I also want to go there some day. Maori and what not.

    I would come over and see you there and you can host us during your sojourn there :-) , if this is some motivation then make much more effort please.

  2. Yes, Nandan. It is a big motivation. :)

  3. I don't know Kels. But I might call you "Prawn_Cocktail" from now on...


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