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Guidelines for Writing a Post at Ghumakkar

The Editorial Team at Ghumakkar adheres to certain guidelines while accepting and preparing posts for publishing. While some guidelines may change over time, most of them have stayed more-or-less the same. With new authors joining Ghumakkar every day and more and more authors undergoing bootcamp and, as a result, publishing their own posts, we think it is time to share these guidelines with everyone. If you wish to write for Ghumakkar for the first time or are an author who's returning to Ghumakkar after a break, following list should give you an idea of the type of content we are looking for:

Subject of Posts
Most of the posts published at Ghumakkar are personal travel experiences of travellers. Apart from these, we publish "Ghumakkar Insights" on the 22nd of every month. "Ghumakkar Insights" are travel-related advice, suggestions, tips, philosophy, opinions that our authors wish to share with the audience at Ghumakkar. You can submit your travel experiences or Insights to be considered for publishing.

Ghumakkar does not publish SEO articles or promotional articles from Tourism Authorities, Hotels, or resorts. So please do not submit these articles as these will be deleted.

Nature of Content
The content should not be offensive to any community, religion, or section of the society. Ghumakkar publishes content related to travel and we like to stay focused. If you wish to share or learn about political, social, or religious issues, Ghumakkar may not be the right forum for you.

The Content should be suitable to readers of all age groups. Nudity or Obscenity in photographs and bad, offensive language in the write-up are not tolerated.

Ghumakkar does not tolerate plagiarism. If any such instance comes to our notice, the content is quarrantined and the author is informed. Repeat offenders may be barred from writing at Ghumakkar. If you want to publish a post at Ghumakkar, please ensure that the write-up is original and not copied from anywhere. You can use quotations but they should be attributed to the right person and/or source.

The same applies to pictures and videos. Photographs that are associated with the write-up should be the property of the author or the author should have the rights to use them at Ghumakkar.

Length and Number of Photographs
The minimum number of words is 75O excluding picture captions and html tags. The ideal number of  photographs for a 750 words article is 5 or 6. Ghumakkar prefers stories where the text is supported by pictures and not the other way round. This makes it difficult for us to accept photo logs.

Even though there is no maximum word limit, if your post is longer than 2500 words, you can explore the possibility of splitting the post into a series of two posts.

Quality of Content
The content should be properly proofread. Before publishing content, please ensure the following:
  • Automated proofreading has been done using the spelling and grammar check of a word-processing software such as Microsoft Word and all errors have been corrected.
  • The post has been manually read to weed out all errors that were not caught by the automated proofreading.
  • The pictures are not blurred and are 640 px in width.
  • Watermark or copyright info does not hide a significant part of the picture.
  • Video is clear and isn't shaky or noisy.  
If your post follows these guidelines, please feel free to send it to the Editorial team at or submit it for review using the dashboard at The editorial team will get back to you promptly.

If you are confused about any of these guidelines or have any other questions, please feel free to write to us at We will be glad to help.


  1. Dear Vibha,

    You should place these guidelines on the Ghummakar website on the welcome page in a prominent way. Excellent guidance, by the way. But why is it in your blog?

  2. Dear Dr. Taher,

    Thanks for your comment. As always, it is a pleasure to hear from you.

    You are right, the correct plance for this is on Ghumakkar. We are trying to set up a help/support page and would move this there once something is final and ready.

    Thanks once again for you kind words and guidance.


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