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Must Visit - Reimaging: The People of India (1850-2013)

Anthropology owes a lot to photographers, who have played a very important role, intentionally and unintentionally, in documenting not only history and nature, but also society and culture. When photography was introduced in India, the photographers were British and some of the pictures they clicked are incredible reflections of their understanding of the Indian Society at that time.

However, society has evolved and the old definitions of caste have changed considerably. And, therefore, it is but logical that these changes be captured and documented with a fresh perspective. And the exhibition "Reimaging: The People of India (1850-2013)" takes several interesting steps in this direction.

The exhibition was inaugurated yesterday and will be on till 26 April 2013 at India International Centre. Timings are from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. The exhibition showcases several extraordinary portraits and compositions by Dinesh Khanna, Dileep Prakash, Mahesh Bhat and Sandeep Biswas - curated by Aditya Arya - that provide a rare insight into the various classes of contemporary Indian Society. Also on display are rare albumin prints from 1850, which provide an interesting contrast to the contemporary photographs. The exhibition is educating and enriching. If you can take out a couple of hours, I would definitely recommend a visit to the gallery.

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