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Spreading #LoveFlakes || Launch of Vibha Malhotra's Book of Prose Poetry, Published by Hawakal Publishers

Vibha with Bharati Malhotra (Cover Artist and Illustrator)(Left) and Poonam Bhalla (Illustrator)(Right)

Vibha Malhotra’s book of prose poetry, titled Loveflakes: Memories of Mirages, published by Hawakal Publishers, was launched on April 30th at Kunzum Bookstore, Basant Lok, Vasant Vihar. Eminent poet and recipient of the 2018 Tagore Literary Prize, Kiriti Sengupta, introduced and initiated the event. Editor and Theatre Artist Somudranil Sarkar initiated the conversation with Vibha about her creative process and her thoughts on accessibility or inaccessibility of poems. The discussion also veered around the choice of the topic – ‘Love’ – in times when people are increasingly using poetry to raise questions about the current state of affairs. 

Kiriti Sengupta initiating the launch

Post the discussion, Somudranil invited Vibha to read some poems from Loveflakes. The event came a full circle when Kiriti Sengupta invited the illustrators of the book, Bharati Malhotra (also the cover artist) and Poonam Bhalla, to read out their favourite poems from the collection. The event concluded with book signing and informal interactions with the author and the illustrators.       

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Poonam Bhalla signing a copy of the book

About Vibha Malhotra

Vibha Malhotra is an author, a poet, an editor, and a reviewer. She holds a Master's in Creative Writing from Newcastle University, UK. Her work has been published in Wasafiri, Kitaab, Muse India, Red Fez, Tipton Poetry Journal, The Luxembourg Review, and The Times of India. As the editor with Penguin Random House (Dorling Kindersley), Vibha has edited a few books, such as Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family, All About Everything, among others. In addition, Vibha has co-authored the bestselling self-help book Know Your Worth, which was later translated into Hindi. 

Bharati Malhotra with a Young Reader
About Loveflakes

Loveflakes leads you through the maze of fleeting emotions one goes through while experiencing love. This collection of heartfelt reflections explores love as the prism through which we can hope to decrypt our connection with the infinity. Through its short verses and prose poems, this book celebrates love as the monad of the ever-expanding Universes — the invisible force that keeps cells, molecules, human beings, solar systems, and galaxies from falling apart. 

Vibha with Pranjal Athavale

Early praise for Loveflakes:

One might think that Vibha Malhotra’s book Loveflakes comes at a time in history when our planet is in pain and needs such words. That is true. But her words on love are timeless. With each passage, the reader's heart reconnects and relives some distant situation, awakening a remembrance that softens the heart and refills its boundless capacity for love. Love is many things, and as you read this beautiful compilation of insights, it will change you. Everyone is guaranteed to find themselves on these pages. — Kathryn Brettell (Author and Editor)

Vibha with Meenakshi Bisht and Shivam Narang

Vibha walks like a trapeze artist, the tight rope of love through these poems. She brings the bitter sweet sensoria of love alive by moving in, out and away from one type or love. She allows love to ask questions, probe beneath the surface of the tingled skin, stay centered, move through unchartered paths, stay fearful and eager! — Kashiana, Poet and TEDx speaker