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Loveflakes in Hindi - Translated by Dr Vinod Prakash

When I started writing the little poems that would later be published as "Loveflakes : Memories of Mirages", I just wanted to express myself. Yes, I always knew that I would like to see these verses as part of a book some day, but I never thought that the book would move and inspire people of all generations. I was so pleasantly surprised and immensely grateful to Dr Vinod Prakash when I found out that he has been silently translating some of the verses into Hindi. 

Dr Prakash attended school in his village, studying under the cool shade of old trees. He completed his Master's, B. Ed, and D.Phil from Garhwal Vishwavidyalaya, Srinagar. He spent his professional life teaching primary, intermediate, and Degree classes Hindi and English, before retiring in 2011 from Intermediate College. He loves reading poetry and is especially draw to the works of poets like Keats, Wordsworth, Kabir and several others. At present he is studying literary and spiritual books such as Geeta, Ramayan, Yogdarshan, Upanishads etc. 

Here are some of his translations:

The Art of Dying

We talk about moving on.
You say that after 10 years, 
maybe we will be able to look back at this
and laugh.
For me, this will always be that moment
when I had to extinguish a part of my soul, 
so that the rest could survive. 

हम कहते हैं - "चरैवेति" *
तुम कहते हो - कुछ वर्ष बाद
हो सकता है हम मुढ़ कर देखें
और हसे पुरानी बातों पर
मुझे सदा ही याद रहेगा वह क्षण 
जब मुझे अपने अस्तित्व का 
एक अंश बुझाना पड़ा
जिससे शेष बचे जीवित

* चलते रहो, चलते रहो 


Spiraling Thoughts

I wish there was a noise loud enough to drown
these echoes of you.

काश कि कर्णबधिर करता, ऐसा झंझावात बहे
कि डूबें तुम्हारी प्रतिध्वनियां, न उनका कोई निशान रहे  



Let us turn everything we touch into gold.
Together, let us elevate the world. 

आओ विश्वोत्थान करें हम साथ साथ
कंचन में परिवर्तित हो, हर चीज हमारे छूने से 


As a language, Hindi is inherently more beautiful. And these prose and poetry pieces have been transformed into something completely new by Dr Prakash. These translations have life of their own. There are many more, and I will find an appropriate venue to share them more formally. Till then, enjoy.