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Actor Sukumar Tudu in SonyLiv's Jengaburu Curse || A Versatile and Talented NSD Alumni

Lately, we have started spending less and less time on OTT because of several other occupations. But then along came a series by the name of 'Jengaburu Curse' and it was starring none other than Sukumar Tudu, an actor whose journey we are immensely interested in. So we watched the entire series in one go. 

Sukumar Tudu as Dulari Yadav in Maharani 2

If you have watched actor Sukumar Tudu as the loathsome Dulari Yadav in Maharani 2, you would probably have slotted the actor as someone who plays negative roles so well that you have difficulty in separating the actor from the character he plays. I wouldn't blame you if the very sight of Tudu's face makes your skin crawl. 

Sukumar Tudu as PSO Ram Kumar in Jengaburu Curse

Then you watch Jengaburu Curse and you realize that this actor has range, and depth. As Ram Kumar, the policeman assigned to keep an eye on the lead character Priya, under the pretext of providing security, Sukumar Tudu delivers an honest and nuanced performance. He is immediately likeable and you just know that you can trust Ram Kumar. 

Sukumar Tudu as PSO Ram Kumar in Jengaburu Curse

Just like it was in case of Maharani 2, you believe Tudu is Ram Kumar and Ram Kumar is Tudu. The only difference is that in this series, Tudu plays a genuine, earthy character without any unnecessary frills. In this show, Tudu's performance is heartwarming. 

It is difficult for a member of the supporting case to make a mark, but Tudu succeeds here. Here's what has to say about the performances of the actors in 'Jengaburu Curse':

"As Priya, Faria Abdullah puts on a spirited show. Some of the other actors are impressive too, from Makarand Deshpande as the community doctor to Sukumar Tudu as the only policeman with a conscience."

If you know Tudu as a person and if you have watched him in any of the NSD's plays, you would already be expecting great things from him in OTT and Bollywood etc. I know we will see him again as Dulaari Yadav in Maharani 3. I do hope to see him in leading roles as well, because I just know that he can carry a show on his own. 


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