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Magnifying Glass

Put down that magnifying glass because it will reveal a lot of flaws in her. That one white hair, the scars on her body, the limp in her walk, the stutter when she talks, the smudged make-up, the crow's feet around her eyes, the laugh lines around her mouth,  and the patch on her dress.  

But if you look at her without the magnifying glass, you will see that she may not be perfect but is no worse than everyone else around you. You may notice that her eye light up when she sees you and you may find out how proud she is of you. You will understand why she is the way she is. And once you have done that then you may realize how much she loves you and how much joy she brings to your life.

So put down your magnifying glass and look at her without it.

Because she kept her magnifying glass down a long time back...


  1. I loved reading that! :)

  2. Mixed feelings...actually confused...mother or lover...they can be same but yet so different. You gotta magnify that a bit :-)

  3. Good point Nikhil!

    open for interpretations, food for thought!

  4. Good one Vibha.

    Really enjoyed reading this one. Wonderfully expressed...

  5. Well said. Guess, even if she didn't put her down, ever, it might still be worth to put yours down. easier said than done though :-)

  6. Thanks Akshaya, Nandan. It is rewarding to appreciate people as they are instead of trying to change them into someone else.

  7. Beautiful! I really enjoyed reading it...
    And yes it was a good food for thought :-)


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